Investec Rugby

21.10.2017 / Live & Loud

Live at The Merchant

All the games below played live + loud at The Merchant.

Sat 19 AUG 10pm ⇒ AUS v NZL (SYD) NZL WIN

Sat 26 AUG 7.35pm ⇒ AUS v NZL (DUN) NZL WIN

Sat 9 SEPT 7.35pm ⇒ ARG v NZL (NPL) NZL WIN

Sat 16 SEPT 7.35pm ⇒ SAF v NZL (ALB) NZL WIN

Sun 1 OCT 11.30am ⇒ ARG v NZL (BUA) NZL WIN

Sun 8 OCT 4.05am ⇒ SAF v NZL (CAP)**

Sat 21 OCT 11pm ⇒ AUS v NZL (BRI)

To book a table/space call us on (09) 444 1076 or email Lara on

* Please be aware, bookings are only held for 15 min after expected time of arrival.

** Note: We aren't screening this live - replay at 11am Sun 8/10